Below are shown our current recommendations for taps in various materials.  They are listed in order of preference.  Those in parenthesis should be viewed as alternatives, but not in order of preference.  When Maxi #1 is shown, that is our designation for Nitride.  Remember to increase SFM by 50% for TiN and TiCN and 100% for TiAlN.

Carbon Steels 1010, 1045:     TiCN, TiN, (Oxide, Oxide over Nitride)
Alloy Steels 4140, 8620:     TiCN, TiN (Oxide, Oxide over Nitride)
Tool Steels A2, D2, H13:     TiCN, TiN (TiAlN, Oxide, Oxide over Nitride)
300 Stainless 304, 316:     TiCN, TiN (Oxide, Oxide over Nitride)
400 Stainless 414, 440:     TiCN, TiN (Oxide, Oxide over Nitride)
PH Stainless 15-5PH, 17-4PH:     TiCN, TiAlN (TiN, Oxide, Oxide over Nitride)
Cast Iron, Ductile:     TiCN, TiN (Oxide, Oxide over Nitride, Maxi #1)
Cast Iron, Gray Class 20-50:     TiCN, TiN (Oxide, Oxide over Nitride, Maxi #1)
Aluminum, Wrought1100, 2024:     CrN, Maxi #1
Aluminum, Silicon Cast 319, 360, 380:     (TiCN, Maxi #1) TiN, CrN
Copper, brass, bronze, Zinc, Magnesium:     CrN, Maxi #1
Titanium, Pure CP Ti:     Maxi #1, CrN
Titanium, Alloy Ti-6AL-4V:     Max #1, (TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN)
Nickel Based Alloy Monel,    Inconel: TiCN, (TiN, TiAlN, CrN) (Maxi #1, Oxide, Oxide over Nitride)
Iron Based Alloy A-286, Incoloy:   TiCN, (TiN, TiAlN) (Maxi #1, Oxide, Oxide over Nitride)
Cobalt Based Alloy Haynes: TiCN, (TiN, TiAlN, CrN) (Maxi #1, Oxide, Oxide over Nitride)
Plastics, Soft and Abrasive:      TiCN, (TiN, Maxi #1) CrN
Graphite:      TiCN, (TiN, Maxi #1) CrN

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